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Hi, I’m Jessica Heck, and I never thought I was an outdoor person.

Have you ever thought that outdoor adventures like hiking weren’t your thing? I used to feel the same way until July 2022 when I climbed my favorite mountain, and my outlook changed. (Mind you, it took several years of prodding to go from a dear friend.) Now, I’m dedicated to promoting inclusivity in hiking throughout the Adirondacks. Regardless of your fitness level, everyone can find their place in the beauty of the great outdoors!

My aim with this website is to provide resources and create a welcoming community of hikers with similar interests. Whether you’re in New York State or not, join our community of like-minded hikers to explore the beauty of the Adirondacks.

Body Positive and LGBTQ+ Ally





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Take a picture of your summit pose (shirtless optional) with #EmpoweredSummit to join other empowered hikers – also I want to see!

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Occasionally hosted group hikes allow you to meet fun people and try something new. We’ll tell you the intensity and help you prepare, promise.

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Microspikes Vs. Crampons

Microspikes Vs. Crampons

It's wintertime! And that means it's time for traction devices. Specifically microspikes and crampons. I feel lucky to have gained much knowledge about hiking from experienced hikers, books, online forums, mountaineering stores, and making my own mistakes. I have...

So You Want To Winter Hike

So You Want To Winter Hike

What's better than hiking? Winter hiking. This is just my opinion. The scenery is beautiful in the summer but magnificent in the winter. This blog post is for the beginner out there without much to any experience. I will give you great resources for more advanced...

The Mountains Will Be There

The Mountains Will Be There

There will inevitably come a time when you decide to turn around on a hike, whether it's your body, mind, trail conditions, weather, safety, or whatever. When facing this decision, pause, access, and listen. It's better to turn around than to push past and end up with...


If you’re new to hiking, don’t worry, I’ve got you! Our ‘For New Hikers’ page has some beginner-friendly ADK hikes, a packing list, and other things you need to get started for fun and safety.